Exploring the World Around Us

October 23, 2014

For the children at Little Footprints, the months of September and October have been full of exploring God’s beautiful creation.   First we learned that God made each one of us unique and special.  We have similarities and differences and are valued because of both.  Then we started to explore the world around us and see just how much God loves us and has given us a beautiful world to care for and enjoy.

Enjoying God’s Creation — Hayride and Pumpkin Picking

Early in October, we invited our families to join us on a hayride and pumpkin picking trip at Wightman’s Farms.  There is no better way to experience God’s creation than to be outside among the most beautiful of his handiwork!

As we rode through the fields on the hayride, we saw a beautiful apple orchard full of the apples we love so much.The children were able to see the apples growing on trees. The three year old children learned a lot this month about apples, so they had a special connection to the orchard field. They remembered their classroom activities: making applesauce, painting apple trees, and learning about the different types of apples with their senses.

Choosing a Pumpkin

The best part of the hayride was being dropped off in a field full of pumpkins and being told to choose any one pumpkin to take home.  What a big decision to make!  There were so many different sizes and shapes, how could we possibly choose just one?  And the pumpkin is so heavy….what could possibly be inside?

Exploring our Pumpkins

Returning to the classroom gave us the perfect opportunity to further explore God’s handiwork by cutting open the teacher’s pumpkin.  The two year old class enjoyed pulling the pulp out and investigating the seeds while the three year old class took the investigation a step further.  They took some seeds from their pumpkin and glued them on their own hand made pumpkins.  However, the four year old class not only pulled out the pulp and investigated the seeds, they also used their senses to make a list of how the pumpkin looked, felt and smelled inside and out.

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