Indoor Winter Activities for Preschoolers

February 17, 2015

In our last post, we talked about some local hot spots to take your little ones during these cold winter months. But what about those days in which we are all snow-bound? Sledding only lasts so long. So, here are some great activities to do with your preschooler while stuck in the house on a snowy day.

Matching Game

Gather random items from around the house and then trace around them on a sheet of paper. Give the paper and items to your child to match up.

Tower Creations

What child doesn’t like to make a tall tower? How about mixing it up by giving your child sponge strips instead of blocks? A bag of plain sponges can be purchased very inexpensively from the Dollar Store. Cut the sponges in strips and let your child’s imagination run wild.

Balloon Tennis

Balloons are great for indoor games. Create a “tennis racket” using a paper plate with a paint stick or plastic spoon taped to it for the handle. Show your child how to bounce the balloon up off the plate and into the air. Several children could then hit a balloon back and forth.

I Spy Jar

Children love looking for and finding surprises. An I Spy Jar makes an entertaining project to engage your child. First help your child dye three bowls of rice different colors. While the rice is drying, your child can walk around the house choosing several little “treasure” items, while you obtain a plastic jar with a lid. Some possible treasure items could include: pom-poms, small bell, Lego™ man, large and small Wiggly eyes and feathers. Then together fill the jar, a little at a time. After the first layer of rice, add a few of the items to hide in the jar. And then another layer of rice and so on until the jar is full. Tighten the lid. You may want to take a picture of the layered colored rice before handing the jar over to your child to shake up.

Homemade Lacing Activities

Young children love to lace things but so often the items are too little for their immature fine motor skills to maneuver. A fun homemade lacing activity you can make for toddlers is with toilet paper rolls. Cut up a paper towel roll for the “beads” and use a large ribbon, the ends of which need to be cut into points using pinking shears (for easier threading). For good measure fixed a square of cardboard at one end so the “beads” will not slip off.

Another lacing activity for a preschooler is with colored straws or penne pasta and yarn. Create a point on the end of the yarn using tape. Your child can then thread the yarn through the straws or pasta. For an added touch, die the pasta different colors. Then encourage your children to make patterns as they thread the straws and/or pasta on the yarn.

Shaving Cream Play

Shaving cream and match box cars and trucks are the perfect tools for indoor snow play. Your child can pretend to drive in the snow or plow the snow out of the road. Clean up is a breeze and the shaving cream will leave the table squeaky clean.

Do you know of some other great indoor winter activities for preschoolers? If so, please contact us so we can add your suggestion to this list.

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