Our Mission, Values & Philosophy

  • Our Mission

    Little Footprints Learning Center, as a ministry of MBC, exists to nurture a love for learning in the children;  prepare the children for success in their future academic life; and build relationships with families in the community by sharing God’s truth and love.

  • Our Core Values

    • We are committed to help all children reach their potential by teaching a strong, academic curriculum.
    • As a Christian preschool, we believe that God has an active part of all aspects of our lives. Therefore, we lead all activities with this in mind.
    • Our professional staff models the school’s Christian philosophies to the children and families.
    • Children and families of all faiths are accepted and loved unconditionally.
    • We foster a family environment where every student/family/staff member is cared for.
    • We are committed to providing an affordable program which includes financial assistance for those in need.
  • Our Philosophy

    Little Footprints Learning Center is based on the belief that all children are a gift from God with unique God-given talents. We believe that young children learn by doing: What is meaningful and important to children is what they know, see and feel. All learning must begin there, building on what children know, helping them to understand connections and relationships.

    Our teachers serve as role models to the children, as well as their families. They guide the children to express their thoughts and feelings in a positive, productive manner, including the use of prayer. The teachers also create a nurturing environment which encourages active learning and provides activities which nourishes the children’s cognitive, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social/emotional growth.

    Our curriculum and its activities are implemented in a warm, supportive atmosphere where the uniqueness of each child is recognized and valued. This is accomplished by exposing the children to a large variety of hands-on experiences, appropriate to their age and developmental level. The curriculum also includes character lessons based on biblical values in order to help the children make sense out of the complicated world in which they live.

  • Goals

    Our goals for your child's growth, development and education at Little Footprints include:

    • Developing concepts of Christian living and Christ's special love for His children.
    • Becoming secure and trusting in their relationships with adults and other children away from the home environment.
    • Developing an understanding and acceptance of themselves; resulting in a healthy and positive self image.
    • Developing independence.
    • Developing an interest in words and reading.
    • Expanding communication skills.
    • Developing beginning math concepts.
    • Developing an awareness of the world around them through their five senses.
    • Developing and challenge their physical skills, both gross and fine motor.
    • Developing an understanding and acceptance of others, including their family and friends.
    • Learn to share with others.
    • Develop the ability to express their emotions in constructive ways.